Case studies

Our past experience and knowledge can help us to support you

We know that no two change projects, programs or organisations 

are exactly alike; each has its unique challenges. 

However, we often draw on our past experience to offer our clients insight and 

approaches that have actually been used elsewhere, as a starting point 

to develop the right approach to meet your individual needs.  

Major Media Company

  • The  challenge: This major media company engaged a Marlowe SME to review a  portfolio of projects that formed part of a major programme for change
  • The engagement: The Marlowe SME led the review team in completing a number of key activities:
    • Initial  deep dive meeting with the Programme Leadership Team and Sponsors to  review current Change Management approach and effectiveness
    • Review  of key documents and creation of a detailed report to outline existing  gaps and suggestions for improvement. The report also included  challenges on existing approaches and potential risks for continuing the  current operational mode
    • Presentation of findings and engagement session with leadership team and sponsors to discuss and review
  • The  outcome: The review led to a revised approach from the business team.  Change Management practices were embedded across the programme as a  whole to ensure people elements were factored in

Global Pharmaceutical Company

  • The  challenge: Our client had selected a new solution to deliver clinical  trials to time and budget. To leverage its full value across globally  dispersed users, new processes and ways of working were required. A  Marlowe SME was engaged to lead the Change Management aspects of the  programme
  • The  engagement: The Marlowe SME developed a detailed Change Management  landscape and assessed current Change Management readiness. A Change  Management plan for implementation was then developed and agreed. This  included delivery of stakeholder maps, impact assessments and  communication plans. Employees were also up-skilled to support delivery  of sustainable change and benefit realisation
  • The  outcome:  A framework to support and understand the change as well as  its impact on the organisation and its people created a solid platform  for all Change Management activity. Clarity around key messages,  improved stakeholder management and employee engagement led to reduced  resistance and accelerated benefits through faster adoption of new  processes and tools

American Manufacturing and Processing Conglomerate

  • The challenge: The  UK & Ireland Manufacturing division had concluded a major  transformation. Before beginning the next set of transformational  change, a Marlowe SME was invited to review the existing Change  Management approach as part of an After Action report
  • The  engagement: Following interviews with staff at all levels, a number of  key themes emerged. The Marlowe SME created a report and led a feedback  session with the company leaders to provide a full overview of findings  and to offer practical remedial actions and recommendations
  • The  outcome: The review resulted in different approaches being adopted for  the subsequent transformation. In particular, this led to a more  rigorous approach to embedding change to ensure greater levels of  engagement, story-telling, early business impact assessments and greater  attention to detail of those completing shift work


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