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Our focus is on your people

Your people will deliver change, not new systems, processes or technology 

  • We  are specialists in the practical delivery of business Change Management  focused on realising the benefits and return on investment of  transformational change
  • We  support and advise leaders with their change agendas by helping them to  be effective change leaders as individuals or as a team
  • We  advise and coach on practical approaches to delivering successful  people change and offer review and quality assurance services for  programmes to ensure that approaches are fit for purpose and are best  practice
  • We do not black box our IP and share our knowledge readily with our clients
  • We  are not just about delivering training (i.e. CM skills), but, rather,  educating about change, building knowledge, developing capability and  change leadership in context of current environmental challenges
  • We  are a viable alternative to traditional consultancy, offering practical  subject matter expertise as well as the ability to ‘get stuck in’ and  help get things done when required
  • A  full professional services offering working with leaders, managers and  front line employees where we work with you to deliver a defined  business outcome. Whatever the complexities, we will help you to  translate your plans into actions that deliver the right result
  • Everything we do is geared towards helping you better deliver the outcomes you want

Our unique team

With the right experience, attitude and calibre to support your business 

  • The team has deep practical and hands on experience in change management and supporting those leading change
  • Our team includes those who are Accredited Change Manager Masters by the Change Management institute
  • The team also includes the only assessors for the CMI Accredited Change Manager Master certification in Europe

The way we work

What you see is what you get. No 'under the radar' junior consultant learning assignments 

  • Direct dealing with decision makers and delivery team - no intermediaries or escalations involved
  • Nimble,  flexible and tailored solutions appreciative of your capacity,  individuals availability and organisation timelines and requirements
  • No hard sell and no large back office overhead contributions to inflate costs and fees

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